After I thought we were done with hearing about all the Burrows/Auger stuff, HNIC on CBC last night manages lose credibility by bringing it up again.

First here is the Ron MacLean and Colin Campbell's conversation about the incident:

Wow. Now if someone could point out what taunting Khabibulin during the playoffs last year has ANYTHING to do with Burrows' history or the incident at hand, please enlighten me.

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CBC's take was all very one sided as there was no video history of Auger's prior history or even any mention of his past history pointed out to the audience. Or, even if you didn't want to go in to the history, how about Campbell try to explain that phantom call during the Nashville game? No, instead they just villified Burrows. MacLean said that Burrows "can't have said, "I'm going to get you", we can all agree on that". Really? Did the NHL say that? Did the NHL 'agree on that' or did they just say that there was no third party witness to corroborate the story?

And the 'guess what Burrows said' to the trainer during the first Nashville/Vancouver game? Does MacLean actually know what Burrows said? I do that when players are yelling profane phrases, those ones are pretty easy but I'm sitting on my couch not on TV. To be sure of what Burrows said to the trainer and then speak about it on HNIC shows terrible journalism and bias.

I'm surprised Colin Campbell agreed to HNIC to even talk about the incident as it would seem that the NHL would just prefer to have been done with the issue. I thought after the fine was handed out this week, that would been the last I would have heard about it.

Now if you didn't catch it, Vigneault was on After Hours last night. Normally I'm pretty indifferent to Vigneault as I have found good (he has changed to being a more offensive coach) and bad things (he sometimes puts players in the doghouse just cause he doesn't like them for some unknown reason ie. Hansen), but last night, it may have been one of his finest moments as a coach in Vancouver.

Here is Vigneaut defending Burrows:

Did you catch what happened at 5:37 in the video? Re-watch that again. That wink? WTF?

What Vigneault said last night was amazing. Vigneault showed passion for the team by saying what he said. He showed that he believes Burrows' story to be the truth. I find for HNIC to plan to air these one-sided segments about a matter that should have been closed by now was in poor taste. I expected better of HNIC. If anything, I hope what comes out of this debacle is a stronger Canucks team.

For more on this, read Jason Botchford's piece on the events and AV's speech or for a non-Vancouver media point of view, Wyshinski's take here.

If you want to watch the rest of the After Hours segment, you can find part 2 here.