Here is your recap in form of game thoughts and pictures, enjoy.

Picture of the night:


That's 19 year old WHL goalie, Alex Pechursky who signed a 1 game tryout contract to play as backup, and ends up getting to play his first NHL game for the Pens last night. The pic is of Sid giving him the game puck after last nights loss. The best part was after getting the 3rd star of the game, he came out and did a skate when it was announced.

Game thoughts and a recap in picture form after the jump...


Game Thoughts:

  • Canucks came out a little weak in the 1st period. With the 3rd string goalie John Curry in net, every knew that the Canucks needed to come on strong a fire pucks on Curry and did they? No not really
  • That goal by Malkin? Sh-t happens
  • After looking strong, Curry's confidence started tumbling down, he wasn't strong against the net when Henrik's shot sneaked past him
  • During a couple powerplays by the Canucks didn't get many shots on net, and really just didn't seam like they were trying. It's not like they had to be nice to not run up the score since we only see the Pens once a year.
  • Can't really blame Curry for that Alex Burrows short handed breakaway...the Pens D were being lazy and Burrows has a great breakaway shot. That's his 21st of the season.
  • In the second period, Samuelsson continues to shine after his response to the Swedish team, 16th goal of the season
  • Jannik Hansen nets one, and a sweet goal by Willie Mitchell. Mitchell has an even better celebration face, which CBC showed multiple times
  • After the 4th goal, timeout Pens, after the 5th goal, Petrovsky replaces Curry
  • Matt Cooke scores. Nobody in Vancouver cares
  • Just in time to kill any momentum that the Pens would have gotten on the Cooke goal, Talbot takes a slashing penalty
  • Kesler scores a PPG killing any comeback that the Pens may have had


Oh and Pechursky is spelled incorrectly, the source found via The Pensblog

Oh and the 3rd period sucked. Yes winning 6-2 should make for a great game, as long as you just count the first two periods as the game. The 3rd period of a waste of time as nothing happened, well except for Godard being a douche throwing Hordichuk into his own goalie. Really Godard, Hordichuck would have fought you standing up, you really don't need to push him into your own goalie.

And only one bride in the audience for tonight: