I went to my first hockey game of the Olympics two nights ago, and if you caught it, it was a fantastic game of hockey. Halak put on a show making 36 saves and only let in one shooter out of a seven round shootout. The Slovaks were expected to be steamrolled by the offensive Russians that boasted a powerplay unit of Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Semin and Gonchar, scary thought huh? To makes things interesting, the Slovakians had just played the night before against the Czech Republic, losing 3-1. To the Russian fans disappointment, this powerplay of pure offense led to shorthanded attempts that cause the coach to break up the pp unit.


So, armed with some energy and beer from watching the Canada vs. Swiss game, I headed towards Canada Hockey Place, ready to encounter Russians, Slovaks and fanny packs...


Before even entering the gated area to get through security I came across these two decked out in Russia jackets and fuzzy hats. Just to note, it's really not that cold in Vancouver, but hey, nice outfits.


Like an airport, the security screening to get through to get into Canada Hockey Place. The lineups to get through the screenings were not as bad as I had heard they would be


And just when you think you're gonna go watch some hockey, they stick you in one of three holding pens to wait for an hour, guess having a big warm Russian coat would have come in handy here.


This is the first Slovakia fan I came across complete with a hat


These are my seats...


Sergei Federov sign with a backward Faux Cyrillic R....hollywood and video games do this, not real Russians, so FAIL. Oh and don't feel bad for the kid, I'm not making fun of him, it's the guy who sat in front of him that had the sign


Off to the left there are the two Russian fans that waved their flag all night...


Taking a closer look, he confirms my suspicions that the Russian fashion sense is horrendous. He's sporting a backwards turned fanny pack over sweatpants (Russia sweatpants of course)...He seemed very proud of it of the fanny pack


Right after the warmup, the Slovakian team had a little team huddle


At the intermission Hodge and Panger chatting away, Kypreos checking his blackberry and Bob McKenzie looking constipated


Meet Jurkov and Shirtoff during the intermission, who are definitely not Russian but kept having random Russians stop to talk with them in Russian in the concourse


The reason that the Slovaks were still in the game


Slovakian that couldn't stop dancing in our section

The shootout goal that Demitra got in front of his NHL hometown crowd:


Slovakia celebrating after Demitra scores. Crowd went wild since most of the Canadian fans there were cheering for the Slovaks


The handshake...


And the Slovakian team raised their sticks to the crowd before exiting the ice