Pavol Demitra is flying out tomorrow to meet up with the Canucks in Florida after taking a quick personal leave. Amid speculation that there was something bigger going on (injuries), The Province reports that he left the team because his wife was rushed to the hospital because she was suffering pain in her chest. They report that it was just a mild reaction from a prescription drug.

He's won't play against the Panthers tomorrow, but could play on Friday against CBJ.

Oh and that game against the Lightning. Terrible. That great save by Luongo? I didn't think it was a great save, it was more of Lecavalier shooting the puck right into Luongo's glove. I do not understand how it is getting that much notoriety for being a 'great save' because it wasn't a great save.

Anyways the Canucks had no jump and deserved to lose the game. I'm over it, looking forward to getting through the next 3 games and then move on to Olympic hockey....I question on the scheduling of Friday's game against CBJ on PPV. Since it's at the same time as the Olympic opening ceremonies I can tell you that I won't be watching PPV Canucks hockey. I assume they stuck it on PPV since all the other sports channels will be covering the Olympics instead.

And just to note: the NHL trade freeze starts at 12pm PT on Friday