The best part of last night's game really came in video form. Either Sully or Force (I don't know which one is which but the dark green one in this case) went all out last night with a full on handstand when Jack Johnson was sent to the penalty box. Awesome stuff by the the green men last night.

Luongo also looked like he was standing on his head with this huge goal line save. Average goaltending would have satisfied me, but this was a game saving one! And may have elicited a ajjklwjfkelh! reaction from me after he made it.

And here is the game winning goal from Sedin to Samuelsson:

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, Andrew Alberts will not be suspended for that boarding hit on Brad Richardson. A recap may follow out later today (think way later today) with *gasp* praise for a strong game by Edler.

The rest of the goal videos are tucked after the jump

Edler's hit on Drew Doughty

Samuelsson's Goal #1

Daniel Sedin's 2-1 Goal