Sorry to disappoint, I'm not going anywhere, you are still stuck with me in Vancouver for the whole series. But Bloguin blogger buddy The Royal Half is making a roadtrip out to Vancouver for Game 2 on Saturday. For reals.

Playoff preview will be up tomorrow. But I'm assuming everyone in Vancouver knows what we are up against: The LA Kings are young. They are exciting. They are only a 1 hour flight away. They are in the same time zone as us (thank god!). CBC is carrying the games, so montages! The Canucks were shellacked last time we played them 8-3, hopefully Luongo wants to prove a point with a huge bounce back game against the Kings. Blah blah blah. We'll get into that tomorrow.

All the series' in the West look great, I am truthfully excited to catch all of them. The two day break from hockey has been long enough, I'm ready to get back into it. Bring it on Kings!

Oh and Salo says he'll be ready to play on Thursday