Today my LA Kings blogger buddy The Royal Half is roadtripping to Vancouver. It will be his first time in Vancouver and his first playoff game since he got his half season tickets to the Kings 8 years ago. I'm hoping the game tonight will not disappoint, and if it is anything like game 1 then there is no way that it could, no matter which team wins.

This is my first playoff game of the season (hopefully not the last) and I'm getting excited for it. My favorite things about playoff games in Vancouver has got to be the intro video to the game and the anthem at GM Place. The intro video starts that nervous feeling that sets aside playoff games from regular season games. When the players hit the ice to U2's 'Where the Streets Have No Name' and Mark Donnelly sings the anthem, I have shivers down my arms....that's what I love about playoff hockey.

Looking forward to what my blogger buddy thinks about seeing a game here where really, everyone is an expert about hockey. During playoff time, everyone wants to talk about hockey (even if you actually don't know that much about it). I'm ok with all you bandwagon jumpers since it means just more car flags driving around the city.

I'll write up a post on our adventures sometime tomorrow.

Thoughts on tonight's game:

The Canucks just need to do everything exactley the same as they did at Game 1 with the exception of Andrew Alberts. Last game we outchanced and outshot the Kings 39-21. Only because of the stupid penalties taken did Vancouver not end the game in regulation. With Aaron Rome still not ready to go, we're going to have to deal with another night of Alberts (unless Baumer gets put in) so brace yourself Vancouver, never have you wished for Aaron Rome to be healthy so badly.

*According to Scott Oake's twitter, Grabner in and Pettinger out for tonight's game

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