The Good:

This year Edler has been pretty mediocre. He's made mistakes, lots of them, and some nights I feel like he has regressed in his progress as a defenceman. But last night, well he were pretty awesome. Edler played 21:37 in the game and had a team high 6 hits including that monster he nailed on Drew Doughty. I didn't expect Edler to step up his game to this level, and what I saw last night was a great surprise.

The Bad:

Alberts, Alberts, Alberts. In the 8:25 you played in last nights game, you were in the box for both of the Kings goals. The first you got late in the 1st on an interference penalty that carried over into the 2nd period where Jarret Stoll got the first goal of the game. The second was due to your boarding penalty on Brad Richardson. Thankfully in the 5 minute major handed out, the Kings were only able to score once.

In the post season players are supposed to step up their game, and instead you were a liability. When you got your game misconduct for the boarding hit, I could not have been happier. Your ejection from the game meant that the Canucks did not have to deal with your liabilities on the ice for the rest of the game but that also mean that you made your team play with only 5 defencemen for 40 minutes of the game. It has come down to the point where I am hoping for Rome to get healthy enough to play so that you don't.

The "best" is after the jump...

The Best:

Well this is a tie for me because Jonathan Quick and Mikael Samuelsson, you were both pretty awesome.


First off: Quick, you were definitely the more busy of the goaltenders facing 44 shots on goal. Luongo comparatively only had to deal with 27. You made some great saves and you gave your team a chance to win the game. Like the other guy at the end of the rink, everyone had questioned whether you would play well based on your less than stellar play in the last few games of the regular season. You robbed Burrows and Samuelsson of possible goals that would have had the Canucks take the first lead in the game. And even though it's confusing to keep track of them, you were able to stop a few attempts from the Sedins. Awesome work kid, you'll make this series interesting.


Last up Samuelsson: Wowow....Samuelsson had 2 goals and 7 shots on goal. The first was a powerplay goal to equal up the score after the Kings had just scored on the PP. You also had the game winning goal in OT for just being in the right spot when Henrik passed you the puck from behind the net. Let's not forget you also laid out three hits and blocked a shot. For a guy that I still think looks like a ferret, you were an amazing ferret last night.