What are you doing Vancouver? What? Canucks Day in Vancouver? I have barely forgotten about the 7th Canuck, now we're moving on to our next bad marketing idea?

Excuse me, I'm about to vomit from the thought of this...

I see how the city is trying to rally around the team, but really, we've only won one freaking round! We've done this before, many many times, and like the Sharks, there is no reason to celebrate until the team can make it out of the second round of the playoffs, at least.

But shouldn't the city have a Canucks day when they have actually won a Stanley Cup? Guh! Puck Daddy just made fun of the Vancouver media today for making a big deal about the twinkie-gate, at this rate, one of the two papers in the city might as well include an insert into Sunday's paper of the parade route so that fans/bloggers of other markets can just continue making fun of the city.