So instead of recapping a terrible Canucks game that was on last night, I won't, but basically it was the Martin Erat show. Instead, I wanted to share something I wrote for Cycle Like the Sedins' Odd Woman Rush feature.

I get asked "Why do you blog?" all the time, (I also get "How did you end up a Lightning fan?" as well but that will have to be another post) so when CLS asked if I would participate in their Odd Woman Rush feature I was all over it. The first segment of the feature has 14 female bloggers submit their answers, I was in the final round up of Part IV. So check out it all of it here at CLS (which has a photos) or if you just want to read my answer, it's tucked away after the jump.

I am a blogger because some people I knew suggested to me that I might want to start my own blog. So instead of starting just one, I started two. You can partially blame my existence as a blogger on The Pensblog or the Kurtenblog. Before I wrote a blog, I read blogs. I loved to talk hockey and in Vancouver, if you are out with friends to catch a game or out for a few drinks, you will spend at least a portion of the night discussing what is wrong with the Canucks and what you think needs to be done to fix the team. I guess my hockey knowledge started to get a little out of hand as I noticed that my friends would be overwhelmed at my enthusiasm with talking about the sport, so I took to the net instead.

The suggestion came one night from my flatmate while watching a Canuck game at home on the couch. After sitting through a whole game with me giving insight, opinion and plenty of hilarious commentary (I think I'm pretty funny some days), my flatmate suggested that maybe I would want to start my own blog. Perhaps this was a suggestion because he didn't want to listen to me talk about hockey as much, maybe, nevertheless this is how my Vancouver Canucks blog started.

My other blog, The Hockey Bay began because at that time, there was very little written about the Tampa Bay Lightning (shocking I know). I found myself constantly searching for news and a certain type of commentary (ridiculousness) that just wasn't offered about the Lightning by other blog writers (there were like 2). So I started to write it myself.

I don't write the blogs to prove anything to other fans. You either like to read my stuff or you don't. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a stats junkie, but I know my stuff. I started the blog
assuming that no one would read it and I wrote just because I enjoyed to write. At first, I didn't even tell any of my immediate friends in my day to day life that I even wrote a blog, let alone two blogs. I eventually had to have a blog 'coming out' e-mail sent to them revealing my hobby, and my friends think it's pretty awesome that I blog about hockey. These days what keeps me blogging is the hockey blogging community that I have met. There are so many creative, smart and hilarious people whose insightful work I have read or whose posts can have me in stitches laughing out loud.

I don't try to be a girl blogger, I'm just a blogger that happens to be a girl. Most days that doesn't change the way I write about either team and on the days that I happen to post a half naked photo of Victor Hedman on my blog for draft day, well my readers take it in stride.