After Friday nights 3-2 win over the Washington Capitals, I have a few thoughts:

  • Why is it we can win big games against the best teams in the East, like the Capitals or the Devils, but lose to the worst team in same conference like the Carolina Hurricanes? Or lose to the worst team in the West, the Anaheim Ducks? (twice alredy to the Ducks)
  • Along the same lines, we can win against the best in the East, but when it comes to the best in West, the Canucks can't rise up to muster a win over the Sharks? Or the Wings?
  • Teams that the Canucks play that should be 'easy wins' are never that. The Canucks will always find a way to lose them


Thoughts from the game:

  • Ovechkin playing live is all that it's cracked up to be. To the Canucks' credit, they kept him restricted to only 3 shots on goal and he ended up being a -1 on the night, but man does Ovie ever have a ton of energy. He was a threat and Friday night clearly wasn't even his best game, compared to other games I've watched he was quiet that night. Neverless, every time he had the puck, I was scared.
  • Great defensive shutdown by Salo and Mitchell on Ovechkin and Backstrom
  • Semin was everywhere on the ice. He had 1 goal, 7 shots, a great shorthanded chance and a penalty shot.
  • Luongo got caught watching Tanner Glass put Brooks Laich into the Canuck bench and ended up giving up a goal
  • The first 3 goals of the night were all scored by Capitals, but the score was 2-1 Caps
  • Who is Chris Clark? Why is he their captain? And why would a captain only skate for 8:31 during the night? Kyle Wellwood was on the ice for longer than the Washington captain
  • The first two periods were quiet and filled with tight checking by the Canucks, but the excitement of the 3rd period was well worth the ticket of admission
  • Mason Raymond's 1st goal showed such patience and skill
  • Raymon has 14 goals so far this season, last year he only had 11 goals all season
  • Raymond is on pace for 32.8 goals this season
  • Shane O'Brien may have played his best game of the year. Even though he ended up -1 on the night, he had 18:29 on the night and played a good game.
  • O'Brien has gone 9 games without a minor penalty