Welcome to my first Benched Whale edition of This and That. For those of you who are new to my blog, this is where I address all the Canuck news of the day. Each link may or may not include a line of analysis, wit or sarcasm. Enjoy.


Shane O'Brien has been getting some playing time recently on the roadtrip which leads me to believe that they are trying to entice some team to have interest in him, but really which teams would actually want him?

So, how do you shop a player like O'Brien?
Mike Gillis: Big huge defenseman that really doesn't know how to use his size, can't really embrace his toughness without taking penalties and likes to spend him in your coaches doghouse. Oh, and his price tag is a paltry 1.592 million. He's no Shea Weber or even a Douglas Murray, but he may consider himself that at this point in his career he should be a top 4 defenseman.
-This may or may not have been said by "mike gillis"