Written by Chad Cartwright | 22 March 2017



Online betting sites have become much accepted in many nations, such as the UK and United States. While you’re staking on any sport, you need to predict the result of that game. You may find many online sites, which have modernized the concept of betting. However, as an online bettor or gambler, you have to know some interesting facts on betting.

Addiction risks in online gambling

It is thought that online betting poses a higher addiction risks and problems. However, there are some scientific proofs that never stand for such claim. In fact, betting at any poker sites may be checked or monitored in a better way in order to keep away from the addiction to gambling. It was not possible in case of traditional gambling sites. The conventional tools for betting, like slot machines, are much addictive.

No unfair facts about bettors

Some people think that online betting is not much good for the gamblers. This fact is, however, not true. In some countries, like Ireland, UK and Australia, there are some regulations, related to online betting. It enables the players to have a good conduct. And the online gaming sites that you may find at http://oddsdigger.com/ are also quite honest. 

Relation of online and traditional betting sites

Most of the online betting sites have no affiliation with any traditional casino room. The main reason behind it is that these traditional gaming service providers never wanted to be engaged with such business, which could reduce their traditional revenue source. But, this strategy is gradually changing because traditional gambling sites are gradually building up their individual betting websites.


Online betting- Not approved everywhere yet never illegal

If you look at legality of online betting in USA, you can see that there is no clear federal rule, which speak of the banning of online gambling or poker. However, one rule is that there should not be any sports betting done through telephone-based gadget. In some states, digital betting is legal explicitly, and there you may have a game at any state-level online gambling. On the other hand, in some other areas, the laws for banning betting have been made deliberately extensive.

No presence of racial guidelines for betting online

When you are entering a gaming world, you perhaps think that there are some rules or compulsions, which are related to race, age or background. However, all these things never matter in online betting sites. The online betting platforms do not ask you about your religious beliefs or your IQ level. You may play as an adult player, no matter what your age is. The only thing that you need is your internet connection.  

Thus, these facts have to be remembered, while you are playing online betting.

Written by Marcus Simons | 29 November 2016


Gambling usually involves a game, played with money, and the main expectation of the players is to gain more money. However, in the present society, gambling addiction has become a common issue. But, it is to be noted that the story or reason for this obsession is not same for all persons. Some of the players like to earn money, while others want to escape from the physical and emotional problems.

Why players get obsessed with gambling?

There are several factors, which may lead to the addiction towards gambling-

  • Desperation to acquire a vast amount of money

  • An urge to have an experience of excitements, offered by this game

  • Social position in order to become successful professional gambler

  • The amusing mood, set by the gambling sights

There are many other possible reasons due to which people start to gamble. The players, who gamble in an uncontrollable way, attempt to have relief to such a level that they become infatuated.

But, whenever a person gets addicted to gambling, it becomes hard for them to give up their habits. The serious level of addictions may occur, while one has turned out to be financially desperate in order to recover the lost money.

Effects or results from gambling addiction

Gambling obsession may occur in three stages-

The stage of winning- At this phase, the player generally gains big prize and after that, he perceives that there may be better opportunities to win money. So, he keeps on gambling. The gambling sites try to take advantage of this kind of attitude.

The phase of losing- A gambler always has a risk to lose his money. It may happen at such a rate that all the winnings of previous games can be drained away. However, still, the player continues his game with the hope of being lucky once again.

The stage of showing desperation- At this phase, the player may feel that the time to win is going to be expired very fast. That is why he gets ready to face all the high risks.

There are different signs, which ensure that you have a problem with gambling, such as-

  • Having the feel to become much reserved on gambling

  • Feeling difficulties to control the habits of gambling

  • Placing the bets, no matter whether you are able to afford it

  • Your relatives have become anxious regarding your habit on gambling

Thus, the gambling effects and the causes for excessive gambling are of diverse types. And it differs, according to every individual. For example, the financial state, medical condition and marital status of all gamblers are not same. So, the purpose of a gambling game and its effects are also of the different categories. To avoid the effects, when you play gambling from any site at http://777extraslot.com/free-slots-no-deposit-win-real-money/, you have to be rational.

Written by Roman Henderson | 01 November 2016

Jake Voracek didn’t have a plan -- perhaps because he was recently ran over on ice and left to get checked out in the locker room --  as he began his descent on net with a chance to end the shootout and clinch the Flyers comeback. Instead, he tried to put himself in the mind of the opposing team and goaltender Anders Nilsson.

Then it hit him.

“I was thinking about the five-hole but kind of realized that I’m doing that maybe every time,” Voracek said. “So he might have thought about it and just tried to hold him up a little bit on the forehand and he went down and I put it up.”

Is there a way of figuring out if Voracek always shoots five-hole on shootouts? That would be quite bothersome, but when thinking back on it, he typically does fire of a snap shot low when he comes in; if he says it to be true, then it probably is, too.

Voracek entered last night 9-for-31 (29%) in shootouts over his career, which makes him great to wager against if you're participating in NHL online betting.

While the new approach benefitted him, perhaps the one thing that made all the difference was what was going on inside his head.

“When I feel confident, I know I can score,” Voracek said.

Right now, that’s exactly what Voracek has going for him. A year removed from beginning the season on a 16-game goal-less drought and a further slide of two goals in 29 games, Voracek is certainly feeling differently.

He has three goals and five assists for eight points in seven games.


Written by Steve Tomlinson | 22 September 2016

The NHL is routinely one of the easiest sports for bettors and sports handicappers to take advantage of and turn the odds in the player’s favor. There’s a few reasons for this… First, it’s one of the least wagered on sports in all of the world. Because of this, the bookmakers in Vegas tend to dedicate less resources to coming up with the lines and studying the sport as a whole, as opposed to a sport like football, where there’s so much money bet on each game, if Vegas bookmakers fumble a bad line, they stand to lose a lot of money. With the relatively small collection of people that bet on hockey, even if they did fumble a bad line a few times a week, it’s not going to ruin their business and likely won’t cost them all that much money. Because of this lack of resources, as long as you know what you’re doing and have the NHL experts on your side, there’s always a few gems of games to pick from each and every week, and sometimes even multiple games a day. You can read more here about the NHL Betting bible written by Jon Price of sports information traders. Price is world renowned as the most successful sports gambler. He has been featured in Forbes magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Eye on Gaming, national radio and numerous other publications after the public started to see his consistent six figure winning bets and a big payday cash that was leaked onto the internet when a visitor to a Las Vegas, Nevada sportsbook took a photo of his $200,000 check for gambling winnings during last hockey season.

There’s also plenty of quirky bets one can make in NHL that can be taken advantage of by sports bettors. Most people go with the traditional bet of picking a side or the total, but in hockey, there’s some great prop bets available that allow players to capitalize. For example, if you have good information on a specific lineup and the rotation of players, you can place a strategical bet on the amount of scoring in a specific period, or even for a specific player. These wagers often require intimate knowledge of the teams and players, that usually you can only find from highly reputable sports pickers and professional handicappers, but they’re a great way to build a bankroll if you have to have a good source.

We all love hockey, and it’s one of the more fast-paced and highly entertaining sports, but it doesn’t just have to be for entertainment. Start turning hockey and the NHL into a profitable hobby by using quality information and winning hockey picks. There’s plenty of money to be made, and with plenty of games to choose from each and every night of the NHL season, it’s easy to build a bankroll quickly and efficiently.   

Written by Benched Whale | 26 June 2015

It might not be the easiest trade in reality but the Vancouver Canucks making a move for Boston Bruins left wing Milan Lucic this offseason is a deal that seems almost perfect in theory. While general manager Jim Benning would have to pull off a number of sub-deals in order to achieve the deal, bringing Lucic back to Vancouver could be just what both parties need. The 27-year-old became a hero in the city during his time as a junior with the Vancouver Giants, and a return to Canada might be just what Lucic needs at this stage of his career. On the back of a disappointing season for both the Bruins and Lucic, the 235-pound winger has been linked with a move away from Boston, with a host of NHL teams ready to try snap the eight-season veteran.

It certainly won't be easy for the Canucks, though, who are currently juggling a relatively modest $5.03 million budget with which to sign five players. While the Bruins have a little more in the bank, they aren't really in a position to take on the additional salary involved in a swap deal. Lucic is set to make $6 million next season, just one year away from entering the unrestricted free agency. Despite his modest season, Lucic would be on the list of a host of NHL sides if the Bruins do decide to try and move on the left wing during the summer.

The Canucks, who have a number of areas that need strengthening over the next few months, could certainly do with some size on the flanks, and bringing home a prodigal son would be a huge boost to the fans on the back of last season. Lucic may have not helped Vancouver from losing to Calgary in the first round of the postseason, but it would be hard to argue the Canucks wouldn't have been a lot more dangerous with the powerful wing on the ice. 

The Canucks have been without a player in the mould of Lucic for some time, a left wing with the size and strength to add something to any team in the league. While the Vancouver native has had some things to say about the Canucks fans over the years, there is little doubt the former Giants star wouldn't be welcomed to B.C by the same fans who cheered him on when he was a child. Benning already has a relationship with the 50th overall pick in the 2006 draft from his time as an assistant with the Bruins, and the Canucks general manager attended Lucic's dad, Dobro's, funeral earlier this year. Coming home to Vancouver would definitely have a lot of plus points for Lucic. The question is just whether or not all parties involved can come together and make a deal happen.

Written by Mafue | 13 February 2015

As the Vancouver Canucks look to cling on to their play-off place, the form of goaltender Ryan Miller certainly hasn't gone unnoticed. The 34-year-old proved just how important he is to the franchise with 31 saves in the 5-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Miller has been one of the Canucks’ standout players this season. His shutout against the Penguins was his sixth of the regular season, and 35th of the goalie's career, having an in-form Miller could be an important factor for those looking to back Vancouver. 

On the back of a disappointing 5-1 defeat at the hands of San Jose, Vancouver's play-off charge got back on track with a comprehensive victory over Pittsburgh, with goals from Alexandre Burrows, Bo Horvat, Shawn Matthias, Zack Kassian and Daniel Sedin. But while the offensive lines made much of the headlines, it was another solid display from Miller between the posts that was the platform for what could turn out to be a big win in the story of this season. And it wasn't the first time Miller caught the eye this season, and the goalie has wasted little time in establishing himself as a firm favourite with the Vancouver fans since his arrival from the St. Louis Blues last year.

After being selected in the fifth round of the 1999 NHL Draft, Miller went on to spend 12 seasons with the Buffalo Sabres. He played 540 games for the franchise and built up a record of 284-186-57 with a 2.60 goals-against average and a .916 save percentage during his time in New York. And the veteran showed what he can do in the play-offs, going 25-22 in the postseason and making it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final in 2006, winning the Vezina Trophy after being named the NHL's top goaltender in 2010. After calling time on his Buffalo stay, Miller now finds himself at a franchise seemingly set for the play-offs and playing some of the best hockey of his career.

While Miller's Vancouver career might not have started as impressively as it could have, the goalie has improved his save percentage from around .900 to around the .916 it is now. That increase has been a fair reflection of the work he has put in since the opening two months of the season. The Michigan native is one of a number of Canucks players who could have a massive say on any chance Vancouver have of making an impression in the postseason. While Miller has been performing admirably at the back, Daniel and Henrik Sedin continue to lead the team with a combined 86 points while Radim Vrbata tops the scoring charts with 20 goals. If the Canucks are going to achieve anything this season, they are going to need to be firing in all areas. At the moment, the signs are certainly fairly positive that Vancouver are really hitting their stride.


Written by Benched Whale | 08 January 2015

St. Louis Blues fans haven't had a playoff game in their stadium in 5 years. They were pumped, great crowd, I expected nothing less out of the fans. Whoever was singing 'O Canada' tried to be fancy, but instead his attempt at being fancy was a FAIL.

Mats Sundin was injured with a lower body injury, and Kariya may have drawn in to the lineup. That would have meant two things:
1. The RPM line/powerplay of the Canucks was going to suffer missing the big body and faceoff wins from Sundin.
2. With Kariya in, the Blues might actually score on a powerplay
None of this happened. Vancouver still won faceoffs and were able to score. Kariya didn't play, and the Blues didn't capitalize on their numerous powerplays.

In the opening few minutes it was a little nerve wracking watching the game. The Blues looked good. Three minutes in, Backes gets a goal and it's the first time the Blues have led a game so far in the series. Ohlund takes an unnecessary penalty that the Canucks kill off. A few minutes later Daniel takes a penalty, then Mitchell gets a double minor. The Blues are on a 5 on 3 but the Canucks look good and also kill that off. It was penalty city for the Canucks with a few more handed out to them in the 1st period. The team escapes down only 1-0.

In the second, Vancouver starts fresh and look like they've adjusted to the St. Louis crowd. The refs during their little pow wow between periods must have decided to call nothing but Blues penalties in the 2nd period. McClement takes a slashing call and just like that Ohlund puts one in. McClement takes another, and Daniel puts it in, 2-1! McDonald finally figures out Luongo and gets a goal to tie up the game 2-2. Crombeen is a bit of a loose cannon tonight and takes three stupid penalties, the last one at the end of the period will start off the Canucks on the powerplay in the 3rd.

The unsung hero of the Canucks, gets his first goal of the series on the powerplay right at the beginning of the period. That's 3 freaking goals on the powerplay! But the refs decide to start calling the Canucks, and the Blues get their second 5 on 3. The Canucks and Luongo would have none of it and just SHUT THEM DOWN. Scottrade Center is relatively quiet for the rest of the period.
Backes takes a cross checking call late in the 3rd and to make it worth his while to go to the box, Backes decides to also get a roughing call. Game Over. The Vancouver Canucks are poised to make a deep playoff run this season after missing out on making it into the playoffs just a season ago. Maybe it was the Canucks visit to a Seahawks game earlier this season that gave them post season luck.

The Blues, who were very good on the powerplay in the regular season (ranked 8th), were not able to capitalize once in the game tonight. They had two 5 on 3's and still no dice. They are now 1 for 17 in the series, which is a little worrisome if you are a Blues fan. Kariya may have helped on the PP, so as a Vancouver fan, I was quite glad he didn't play tonight. Maybe he would ruin the chemistry on the team but if he's healthy for game 4 they may as well give him a shot, because whatever they have right now, isn't working.

Last thought: Ryan Johnson was a beast in the faceoff circle tonight. 11 out of 14.

3 wins down. 13 to go.